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Ok this one has me well flummoxed!

I want to create a private forum only admins can see. Ideally so that explicit usernames are permitted to access it and nobody else, but just on the admin usergroup would be ok.

I create the forum - I can see it, guests can see it. fair enough.

I change the permission on "Registered" usergroup to "deny" - and on administrators to "Allow" - and now I can't see it either!!

Is something not working right or am I misisng something totally obvious? Surely if I deny registered members that shouldn't stop an admin seeing it!

I have also tried ticking the "private node" box, and then entering my username in the search box, and explicitly allowing myself all permission (Allow) on that forum, and I *still* can't see it! do I make a forum that *I* can see, but nobody else can??
I am going to take a wild stab and say that these permissions are like NTFS permissions. Deny overwrites all, so if you deny a group you in, you get denied even though you are also allowed. Best bet is to not assign permissions...
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