IPB license discount?


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I recently renewed my TV licence and I was gutted I didn't qualify for a discount on XenForo. It was the same when I bought my fishing licence too - not a penny off XenForo. I don't know what this world is coming to!!
Trying to live up to your user name are we?


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All joking aside, some companies do offer discounts if you are actually transferring to their service from a competitor's.
Yup - competitor upgrades, it wasn't as daft a question as some made out.

OP - you could try selling your IPB license, there are people out there who may want one (just don't expect any takers on here!!)


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Kier and Mike and Ashley could offer a discount if the owner would assign/release their old forum license to Xenforo over the years, wouldn't it be a hoot if Xenforo became the largest license holder of the other forums... lol!