Not a bug IPB 4.4.x importer does not consistently convert signature line

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Black Tiger

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After importing 4.4.10 the signature line is still as original in the database.
No line is seen, only white space and then the line.

In the imported database it is shown like this:
[IMG]http:////applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png[/IMG]\n\nGreetings, Black Tiger\n\n
causing only 2 blank lines between post and signature, no thin line like always is shown in Xen and IPB.

I don't know how to fix this because it seems Xenforo uses a totally other method for signatures, otherwise I could have replace that line maybe myself.

The http://// with 4 lines is seen more without the domain name which should be there, taken over in the database (other links and with smilies incorrectly converted).
Import is done via the CLI method without errors.


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Can you screenshot specifically what you're referring to?

With that imported data, the image wouldn't display properly as that's a broken URL. (I do have a potential guess as to what is related here and I think that 2.2.3 may have an implicit fix, though I haven't investigated that yet.) So it could possibly visually appear as nothing, and then two line breaks and the text.

But you refer to the lack of a thin line, and I don't see how that would directly affect that. That would be something in the XF core. If it's more about the URL not converting as expected, that's more of an import-related behavior (and is quite possibly the same thing as the smilie issue).

Black Tiger

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I'm sorry I thought I was more clear. The thin line from which the broken url occurs, is the thin line between text and signature.
I will try to expain with the screenshots what I mean.

So this is how it looks on IPB.

This is how it looks normally on Xenforo:


But this is how it looks now on some of the the old converted pages (thin line missing):

Seems for some reason the editor put everything in an image now and I don't know how to fix this but hopefully you see what I mean.
The strange thing is that it's not happening on all old pages. On a lot of pages, the thin signature line is present as how it should be.
Only on the ones with the http://// pointing to this spacer.png line will have the thin signature line gone.

It might be related witht he smilie thing, because exactly the same thing happened. Several smilies were converted, and almost 16000 did not and got that odd http://// in front of it.


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I might need to see this in place if possible (as in, a URL where it's visible; you can send it via conversation if you prefer). The lack of line makes me wonder if that isn't actually a signature in that situation, but seeing the DOM would make it clearer.


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It looks like there were some legacy situations where the signature was actually in the post (in the source content), so there wouldn't be a separator. So nothing to worry about there.

The spacer.png part of this is the same issue as in this report: