XF 1.1 IPB 1.3 to XenForo


We've got an old and large community, based on free Invision Power Board 1.2 (sic! not 1.3). 170k posts, 3,5k users.
Currently trying to find a working way to convert it to XF.
Any thoughts or experiences with this would be greatly appreciated.
No IPB license present for a convertion to IPB 3.x (not sure it'd work properly anyway), so we would prefer a different (and free) approach.
Thanx in advance for any help or advice!
You could try it but I would be extremely surprised if there are no database schema changes between 1 and 2. Also, the importer only supports importing to XF 1.1 -- there have definitely been some changes to XF's schema since then. Though you might be able to fix that by importing into XF 1.1 and then upgrading to 1.5.
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