As designed IP address permissions bug


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If I set up an admin, and turn off their permissions to view IP addresses, they cannot see IP addresses in posts. This works as expected. However, if the admin goes into the admin control panel and searches for a user they can view the user's IP addresses there.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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This is expected.

The View IP addresses permission pertains to the IP accessibility features on the front end. In the Admin CP, only admins with the admin permission "Manage users and moderators" can view IP addresses in the Admin CP.


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Ok, it seemed counter intuitive that I can turn off IP address permissions, yet they can still view them elsewhere. I needed them to be able to manage users, but not view IP information, due to the privacy policy of the site (only employees have access to this). I'll have to tell the admin candidate he can't be one.

Thank you for the prompt reply.