As designed Invisible Members are counted as total online members


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Visible number of members is not matching the total number of members online here. For example invisible_members_being_counted_0.png it is showing there are 58 members online but the visible members is only invisible_members_being_counted.png 48, where other 10 members are invisible / hidden here.

My fix: Provide a option in ACP that if the admin wants to count the invisible members or not.
Code fix: Inside "library\XenForo\Model\Session.php" around line 57, find:
$conditions['getInvisible'] = true; // filtered out if needed, but included in count
replace with:
$conditions['getInvisible'] = false; // filtered out if needed, but included in count


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This is intentional -- you can see it mentioned in the comment on that line. They're online; invisibility really just hides specifics of this.