XF 1.2 Invalid style XML file.

I getting the error "Please upload a valid style XML file." when uploading a style xml file.

This was working fine imported several styles no issue. it wont even let me delete then import it again.

Have disabled all addons through config.php as well.


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I don't think anything major changed between RC1 and RC2 that would cause the style to fail between versions.

Have you manually checked the XML file to make sure all the tags are closed off correctly or it's not become corrupt in some way?
Been to bed and had the host reset the system and verified they haven't changed anything there end

Tested an addon installed fine importing the xml file

Style still would not work importing the xml file

Added the xml file to the server and used Import from file on server: and that works

But wont allow Import from uploaded file:

Least I have a work around but hate these little bug for something that was working fine and now it doesn't