Fixing CSS error in Admin Panel - Invalid style variable


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I'm getting an error like this in my admin panel:

'CSS Error: public:xenforo.css: Invalid Property Access: group: custom_style_link_colour'

It's because I've created a custom variable in my style called "custom_style_link_colour", and I'm using this in a template modification in xenforo.css. This variable is available when I'm browsing the forum, so there's no error and it works fine, but I'd like to fix this error from appearing in the admin panel.

Any ideas on how I can alter my modification to do this?


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If you created a template modification, then presumably you're using an add-on. If you define your style property as part of the add-on and thus in the master style, it should eliminate the issue.

Otherwise, if the property is suppose to by style specific, we'd recommend you edit the template directly.