Introduction, looking to bring some new styles to Xenforo


Formerly whitesky
Hi everyone,
So been a member here for around a year, but never really posted a proper introduction. Since I'm looking to start bringing some of my custom styles to the Resource center here at, I figured now would be a good time :).

My name is Rob Iannicca and I'm the theme designer at I've been into web & graphic design since 2004, after getting into site building during the early days of phpNuke and NukeEVO. Over the years, I designed in everything from phpBB3, SimpleMachines, Wordpress, to my ex-love CMS, vBulletin :oops:.

During the peak years of Flash, my greatest design passion developed in building atmospheric full Flash websites, which you can see some of the examples at:

Before going to Xenforo, I also specialized in building vBulletin gaming sites with often extremely complex and Flash integrated themes. vBulletin together with Flash was my passion for years, along with trying to come up with the most creative designs possible.

Many of these can be seen at:
(While the static images don't do them justice, nearly all vB themes were heavily enriched with Flash headers, footers, etc. I'm looking in the near future to post working builds of the originals in a sort of showcase area.)

Unfortunately, both vBulletin and Flash eventually began to fizzle out. It was only last year that I've finally made the switch onto Xenforo -- and my only regret is not having done it sooner.

The biggest challenge so far has been translating over my previous style framework, MDBase, onto Xenforo. I originally created MDBase to power hierarchical theme building back on vB3 and vB4, similar to many framework methodologies used today. As Xenforo offers an incredible amount of flexibility over vBulletin's limited StyleVar system, I've been expanding the new successor, NulumiaBase, to take full advantage of Xen's power. It took nearly nine months to get a solid build to run some of my most complex themes.

Here's several which I'm looking to bring to the Resource section:

This isn't all, and there's 14 total styles in development, from premium to free. While the gaming and creative genre is still my favorite, there's also a good dose of minimal and business themes, with just a touch of my creative twist :rolleyes:.

Anyways, that's all for the wall of post for now! Xenforo has definitely been a new home, and I'm really hoping to share some of my creative passion at with work I hope people can enjoy.

Thanks for reading, and looking forward to any thoughts!