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Look great BUT. First, your support forum is no longer. Your password retrieval isn't working. Little hard to purchase something when I can't login.

Dalton Prock

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Mike, if I've a license for Intrepid for XF 1.5, can I upgrade and how?
You can upgrade, yes. We offer a few coupon codes for those who have an active/inactive license. Such are shown in this quote:
As a thank you to all those who have stuck by Intrepid, those with an active license receive 50% off when upgrading to Intrepid 2. Just use coupon code UpgradeIntrepid. If you have ever purchased a UI.X product, we have a 20% even if its inactive, just use coupon code UpgradeIntrepid20.


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I have users that still use IE 11. That's the downside to running a tech site for newbies. Most not only still use IE 10/11, but, also use XP. The style does not work in that browser. There is a horizontal scroll issue.

I am not sure if you want to fix it. I have turned on the default xenforo style and instructed the users with IE to use it. It works correctly.


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I'm using Siropu's Chat and have noticed that when logged on as a regular user the homepage loads like this:

As you can see, the logo is mostly obscured. It's there, you can see it fine if you scroll the page up all the way, but I want to stop the page from initially loading like this. The logo loads fine on all other pages, and it loads fine on the homepage too with the chat addon disabled.

It also loads fine on the homepage, even with the chat addon enabled, if you're logged on with moderator privileges and the moderator/admin bar is at the top left, because I guess it offsets and balances it out somehow. See here:

So... you have to be logged on as a regular user to see the homepage and logo load like in the first image above. I just want to know how to fix that. I've tried every setting I can think of in connection with the style's chat and logo and navigation settings, but so far I've only been able to get the logo to load correctly (with the chat enabled) by right aligning the navigation. And I don't have this problem with either of the UI.X styles (or any others), so it's something particular to this style. I'd appreciate the dummy's guide to what exactly to change and where.


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ThemeHouse updated Intrepid with a new update entry:

Version Released

Note: This is a major upgrade so if your upgrading from or below there is some significant changes in this update, please review these FAQ's before continuing.

Intrepid 2 Changelog:
  • Updated to XenForo
Note: This update does require a UI.X add-on update to function properly. You can download the latest version...
Read the rest of this update entry...


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ThemeHouse updated Intrepid with a new update entry:

Version Released

  • Login modal style fixes
  • Fixed header alignment
  • Fixed some pages that didn’t have breadcrumbs
  • Fixed the page wrapper background color
  • Fixed so that the show nav: before arrow will only show if there are tab links
  • Fixed the breadcrumb margin
For an entire list of improvements and fixes for UI.X 2, you are able to view them here.

Note: This update does require a UI.X...
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