Interview with Paul Lee - CEO of Threadloom

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We've just published an Interview with Paul Lee - CEO of Threadloom. Check it out!

For those not familiar with it, Threadloom's XenForo add-on can be seen here:
What benefits do users gain from Threadloom?

For forum members and guests, the biggest benefit is that it's easier to find the best content in a forum. Everything we design in Threadloom centers around this, e.g., our advanced filters, the ability to preview top results from a thread with one click, and spell correction. We've found that if users have a great search experience, they're more likely to come back to the forum.

We think that one key is balancing high-quality relevance with comprehensiveness and freshness. Users don't just want a few great results, they want all of the great results. Unfortunately, native search does okay on coverage and freshness, but poorly on relevance; and Google Custom Search does well on search quality, but poorly on coverage and freshness. With Threadloom, you get great search quality, total coverage, and instant freshness.

For forum owners, there are even more benefits. I've already mentioned ease of installation and saving money on server resources. Threadloom also automatically adapts to each individual forum, respecting forum permissions and adapting the UI to style variables. Finally, there's no maintenance, and if there is ever a need, it can be uninstalled with one click.

The net result of all of this is growth: more searches, longer sessions, repeat visits, and new members. We've had very positive results from our early customers, and we have a number of improvements we're working on to drive even more growth.