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Interview with Kier



Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions Kier, Mike and Ashley (and even Jerry) and for The Sandman for posting them. It's great to learn a bit more about those who build this product.


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Fabulous interview Kier, lovely to go a little deeper into your mind.

Thank you both Kier and Howard, great questions, awesome answers.... and six weeks ago *edit - before I knew you or this software* I would have gagged at that comment..seriously so impressed by you Kier and your (and Mike's) beautiful software.


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great interview and more importantly great philosophy of doing things !

"Additionally, we are not in a mad rush to put more and more features into XenForo. Our focus is far more on quality and user experience - making what we have really enjoyable and intuitive to use, allowing people to rediscover how great it can be to simply post messages to each other."


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I still think it should be pinned in here, not everyone reads the announcements forum :)
If we pin this one though, we'd have to pin the others and then people would complain of having too many pinned threads at the top of the forum.