Interview with Daniel Hood

The Sandman

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We've just posted our Interview with Daniel Hood! :D
What's it like to create add-ons for the XenForo community?

For the most part it's awesome; being able to produce something that you see on some of the largest forums on the internet, getting instant feedback, and most of the time people are grateful for the service I provide.

On the other hand, sometimes it can be overwhelming. There's a very small portion of the market place that expects nearly everything for nearly nothing. I can produce something that works great with the core software, but doesn't work with an add on (and sometimes, one that I've never even heard of), and people flip out.

It's a very strong majority that recognize what goes into add ons though and appreciate it, and in return I (along with other devs as well) appreciate them.


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That's cool that he took over Syndol's instead of all of his addon's dying off. When I have the time to admin my site again I will renew everything and Daniel Hood's addons will be among the first. $$$$