Fixed  Internet Explorer 7, extra node spacing :(


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I was doing some cross browsers testing and I have run into this one.

In Internet Explorer 7 the nodes have some extra spacing.

I have changed the Primary Content color so that the issue is visible


In Internet Explorer 8 (and I'm assuming 9, but not tested) is not an issue.



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Well after some trial and error and some research on Ordered list and Internet Explorer 7 i have found a solution:

ol.nodeList li {
font-size: 0px;
Simply adding the font-size 0 to the node li will fix the weird spacing in our beloved (not) Internet Explorer 7


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Fixed now. Actually using vertical-align: bottom instead (a fix I've used for this issue before). I'd rather not make the text invisible as it might come back to be a problem in the future. :)