Fixed Internet Explorer 10 Search Box Issues


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Google Chrome:


Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 7):



1. The magnifying glass icon doesn't appear in IE10.

2. The placeholder isn't italicised, lighter in colour and it disappears when you click in the search box (unlike Chrome where it stays in place until text is typed).

3. This happens after you click in the search box:



After clicking away from the search box, this happens:



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1 and 2 are not XenForo bugs, it's just the way a browser handles search fields.
Look at Firefox, there's no magnifying glass or italic there too. Opera Next has it though.

3 is definately a bug, but I'm afraid it's a Browser Issue ==> Also not a XenForo bug


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I haven't used FF and IE in ages so I haven't noticed them ever being missing. :coffee:

The text should probably be lighter to replicate a placeholder tho (FF, Chrome, Safari and IE9 do this with XenForo).

The third issue appears to be some weird IE rendering bug and doesn't look to be XenForo related.


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1. As said, this is browser styling for a "search" input.

2. The appearance is fixed for 1.2. Whether or not is disappears is a browser decision on how to handle placeholders.

3. This is an annoying bug that is apparently quite well known with box shadows in IE 9 and 10. I've fixed it for this instance for 1.2.