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Intermittent connectivity issues


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It did take several attempts to get on XF.com So hit the usual admin forums and didnt see a single mention so jammed over to Facebook and found the notice.... As soon as i confirmed the issue i refreshed the XF tab and BANG!! here i am.


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It's all back up now so there shouldn't be any more issues.
Looks like there were residual effects, though. However, good to see they were resolved nonetheless. :)

I don't know when the problems began, as I spent all afternoon catching up on DVR recordings, but the site was working at the time of my last activity, which was 2:25 PM. Around 5:00 PM I tried to browse the site, and it wasn't working. It finally resolved around 6:20 PM.

That would be 10:25 PM, 1:00 AM, and 2:20 AM, respectively, for you guys. :)

Edit: Emails don't appear to be working, though, currently.

Edit #2: Working again. :)
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It's all back up now so there shouldn't be any more issues.
The server admin at Namecheap finished wiping up his coffee :D

On a more serious note, posting this via mobile and the black loading bars (top right) took a long time for the quote confirmation box to pop-up. Not sure if that's related?