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Interesting stats about XenForo

Digital Doctor

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The Spam Bots reported 8,000 a while back.
http://trends.builtwith.com/cms/XenForo reports 8,000.

I'm not saying there are only 8,000 Xenforo forums .... I'm just saying 1,000 is not even close.

Builtwith reports 35,000 vBulletin sites.


and Xenforo appears to have 1/2 the installs that vBulletin.

So 35,000 / 2 = 17,000 would be another estimate.

At the end of the day, Xenforo was always going to be a successful forum.
But what put it's success over the top was IB's mismanagement of vBulletin.

It's easy to do well when your competitors appear to not even be trying.
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Actually 1080 is alot compared to vBulletin.
vBulletin started having a JS lib with version 5.
So it is 34 public vb5 sites.

libscore haven't parse all websites now. The numbers will rise for sure. But it is a good indication about websites using modern software.


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XenForo seems to be installed at 1080 public websites currently with this very forum being Top 7 of them. DigitalPoint leads the pack followed by an indian forum and tinthe.vn


Quite a success after just 4 years! Congratulations!
Number 10 on that list looks like a site dedicated to nulled software.

It's an install of XenForo containing a forum with links to nulled versions of XenForo.

I wonder if the site itself is nulled or if they actually bought a licence to put their mind at rest while they host thousands of links to dodgy copies of software around the net.