Installing Xenforo yourself, usernames and passwords jungle


I have decided to buy Xenforo today, and I am going to try to install it myself.
(I am computer literate I have a website I set up using HTML (notepad++) and CSS
But I am not up with any of the progarmming languages.

When Installing Xenforo, one needs access to a webhost, a FTP client, a SQL database etc.
There are so many usernames and passwords required.
What is a good system for chosing usernames and passwords?


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yes but do you use your normal password or a special one for each site
You seem to need so many
Web host password isn't connected to database password or your xenForo admin account's password, if that's what you're asking.

You should always use a different password for everything you use.


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It's like having a different key for your house, your car, and your boat. If you lose one key they can't steal all 3. ;)

It's not that big of a deal. Enjoy XF!

Matthew S

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It is a big deal if you cant remember them, there are user names and passwords to think about!
I use a password manager app. You'll find a lot of other folks do, too. This is the one I use. It has suited me well, but there are others so look around.



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I use the power of my mind.

How hard can it be to remember gt6#%6t5Ec3"3Ai8,8aDswE3?`5Appppo76:'xxxxxxx-9 ?

I need a new password now :(
Really easy to be able to make a new password as long as you remember that your password manager's password, which is:


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I use 1Password and just let it generate random passwords for everything.

These are not passwords you need to remember - generate something random, store it in a password manager and move on.


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I should use a "password manager" instead of having everything stored in text files.
Absolutely. It will save you a heap of time, and is far more secure.

I currently have 1,258 items in my 1Password vault.

That's pruned down from over 1,500 - I went through and got rid of the passwords for all the old systems / databases / forums I no longer use.