XF 1.5 Installing Addons takes sooo long


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No, that's not normal but the time taken can be influenced by the number of styles and add-ons you have installed.

That length of time may point towards server issues though - low spec, tuning, bottlenecks, etc.


The rest in the forums are work fine (with speed)
Currently in my list there are 21 addons. 1 Styles.
On a clean xenforo page it was the same where I installed my first plugin.

Now I wait around 1 hour.

Rebuilding... Templates . . . . . .


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The number of languages AND the number of styles are a factor (effectively multiply them together to determine the amount of required work at this step). The number of languages is likely a more significant factor actually.


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Can having debug turned on slow it down? I swear I have one site that takes a long time too (not 30 minutes though), but the only difference is that I have debug turned on for it.


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Debug mode can trigger different code paths and add additional logging, so it's possible (though we do normally disable the logging during this action).