Installing a Test Website Using The One Licence

Hi all,

Pre-sale Q.

If I buy one licence of Xenforo, and install it on an actual domain where it will be used with actual users, am I also free to install a second copy on some random garbage domain?

Example: I buy or some nonsense domain, just for the purposes of doing all the testing, exploring, backups and updates, making mistakes, figuring how things work, etc. (all the stuff users would never know is involved in running their actual live forum).

I have tried the demo out and like the basics of what I see, but wish for a more permanent solution where I can take waaaay more time, and do more things. Make mistakes, do installs/updates several times, and really get to know everything. Obviously no users would be registering on the test forum, maybe just myself creating a few accounts so I can be logging in as a user, moderator, admin etc.

I also do not want this on a subdomain or folder. A completely separate domain. (same host).

So am I all free to go ahead and do this? Also would I still have access to future updates on both installs? (since one of the main reasons was to experiment with updating).


I read the presales FAQs but just wanted some clarification of it being on a totally separate domain.

Appreciate your personal reply. Only one minute wait too! Super fast.

Thanks :)