Question about installing a test forum - PHP too old


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I'm looking at upgrading a large forum (3 million + posts) that's currently running vBulletin 3.8.11. I've purchased an xenForo license and want to install a test forum (available only to me) in order to play with it, work on the template, etc.

My problem is that my site currently runs PHP 5.6.40 because the older version of vBulletin isn't compatible with PHP 7.0 and higher.

So can xenForo 2.0 run on PHP 5.6.40? I see mixed answers in the documentation. Here, it says minimum PHP is 5.4.0. In the test script and purchase page it says minimum PHP is 7.0.0.

The current version of XF -- 2.2.6 -- requires PHP 7.0 as a minimum.

You can set PHP specific versions for each installation (directory).
You can set PHP specific versions for each installation (directory).
Thanks for that reminder. I believe that's what my host has done for this particular site. They downgraded PHP to 5.6.40 in order for vBulletin to keep running. I have a few different sites on a single dedicated server and my other sites are running PHP 7.4

So I just need to look up how to change my xenForo test directory to PHP 7.4. Looks like I create a .htaccess file in that directory and change the addhandler
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