Installation instructions bug

Version: xenforo_1.3.2_1703098347_full

The problem is handling config.php

The instructions read:

4. Installing
Now you are ready to begin the XenForo installer program.
  1. Direct your browser to theinstalldirectory within the URL that corresponds to your upload. (e.g.,
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts until the installation is complete.
  3. If you do not know what values to use, pleasecontact your host. They can assist you.
    In the early steps, you will be asked to provide details about your database server.
  4. Once these details are provided, a configuration file will be generated. In most cases, you will have to upload this to your server manually.
  5. Download the file generated by the installer and save it to your computer. It should be calledconfig.php.
  6. Use your FTP client to upload this into thelibrarydirectory that you uploaded in step 2.
  7. Once the file is uploaded, you may proceed with the installation.

There needs to be a note in there to make sure the permissions on config.php are at least 644. Some shells have umask that set the perms 500 or something like that. Unless the file is readable by group/other, then the installation will hang up. I tested this on the aforementioned version and the fix was just to chmod go+r the file.

Thx. It's the umask of the local shell that'll wreck it. Don't assume that the PC uploading the file is windows/mac. It may be Linux ;-)