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I can't seem to get it working...

I just recently bought xenoforo, and have been trying and trying to get it up and running and I can't..

I upload the xenforo file through filezilla, right to the "upload" folder and nothing is working...

If anyone can help, please post below.
Doesn't look like you put the files in the right place. Can you give is detailed information on what you have done so far? Are you following the installation guide?

Don't upload the the "upload" folder. Upload the contents of the upload folder. And upload them to the directory you intend to have your forum. If the forum will be your opening page, upload them to your site root which is usually something like public_html. But don't upload the upload folder, otherwise users will have to go to to get to your forum. If the forum will be secondary to your website, put the files in a subdirectory like /forums or /community. Still, I don't see your files in either place.
First you need to unzip it. Then upload the contents of the upload folder to either your sites root or a subdirectory like I mentioned. You need to be following the installation manual.

If you need help doing the installation, there are many folks on here that will do your installation for you in the range of $50. Just say you need help.
I think the point is, nowhere in the instructions does it tell you to upload the entire upload directory.

It tells you to upload "the contents" of the upload directory.

If you want me to get your files straightened out, PM me your ftp credentials/info, and I'll ftp in and straighten things out for you.

I have to ask though...have you setup an SQL database for your Xenforo?
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