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XF 1.1 Install directory 403 error

I uploaded all the files and folders in the "upload" directory to the root directory of mydomain.com. Next I changed the permission of both the "data" and "internal-data" folders to 777.

When I visit mydomain.com/install I receive the error below;


You do not have permission to access this document.

Web Server at .......
How do I fix that and get access to the install page?

Do I need to change the permissions of the individual files within the "data" and "internal-data" folders to 777?

Thanks for the offer Dodgeboard, the offer, from looking at File Manager and FileZilla the files appear to be where they should be. Why do you think they are somewhere else?
Thanks for pointing me to the host Dodgeboard. They've fixed it and I can access the install directory now. I don't know yet what was causing the issue.