XF 1.5 Install and migrate in temp directory?


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Migrating my last forum took the better part of two days. On the next one I'm moving, I'd like to keep my old forum up and running until the migration is complete.

Here's what I'm thinking. I clone the VB databases and import from those, while running the old forum off the originals. That part should work fine unless I've overlooked something. (Yes, I'd lose new messages, I'm OK with that.)

The question is about the XF and XFMG install directory. I want the XF install to have the same directory name as the old one. Given that, can I install XF in a directory with one name, say forum-temp, do the migration from VB and PP, and then re-name the directory to just forum? Can I change the directory someplace in the forum settings and have it carry over to all the links etc, or will it break all the locations of the attachments and messages etc?


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You would just need to move the installation to the permanent directory/domain, then update the Board URL in the ACP Options.