XF 1.3 Install Addons via Command Line?


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My server keeps timing out when I try to install new addons. Is there a way to install the addon .xml files via command line? My Linux fu isn't strong.

Specs aren't the problem, don't think:

Dual Intel L5420 2.5 Ghz (Quad Core) - veritas (04/10/2014 - 05/09/2014)
Port Speed: 100 Mbps (10 TB Bandwidth)
Operating System: Centos 6
Hard Drive #1: 500GB Sata Western Digital Black
Hard Drive #2: 500GB Sata Western Digital Black
Hard Drive #3: 500GB Sata Western Digital Black
Hard Drive #4: 500GB Sata Western Digital Black


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Well, I'm installing a plugin. First time I hit the internal server error, I didn't see anything in the server error log. Second time, error about finding a duplicate column.

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Internal server errors are thrown by the web server. So you would need to check your apache or similar logs.


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Aside from missing "badges," the only errors I see in the cPanel error log are:

[Sat Mar 29 08:43:07 2014] [error] File does not exist: .../public_html/community/data/attachments/16/16853-223032706a5dc70850fb26e3cf95713d.jpg
[Sat Mar 29 08:25:25 2014] [error] File does not exist: .../public_html/community/styles/default/xenforo/avatars/avatar_male_s.png, referer: http://stratics.com/community/forums/uo-rares-collector.43/
[Sat Mar 29 05:38:23 2014] [error] File does not exist: .../public_html/community/data/sitemaps


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Scratch that. It worked in IE for our DBA, but it's not working for me. Not it Chrome, not in IE, not in FireFox. Same error. This includes both uploading the XML AND installing from the server.

My Internet speed right now (per speedtest.net) is 58 Mbps down, 39 Mbps up. I'm totally clueless.

Rebooted the server and tried again in IE. Looking at server processes. Currently, about 10% CPU usage and 7% memory usage on the whole server. Why it's timing out, I have no idea. I can't upload an addon. There's no error logs--not in the ACP, not in the server error logs, nowhere. This makes no sense and is incredibly frustrating.

Every time I re-try the install, users stop being able to post/create threads, even after timeout. Have to reboot all over again. I'm lost.
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