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Lack of interest Insert Username Into Failed Email Sending

Brent W

Well-known member
Just sent out an email on 1.3 Beta 2 and at the end it told me 1 email failed to send. Checked the error log and had 1 error for that failure. However, the failure had no information in it (that I could find) that would lead me to figure out what member it failed on so I could disable them.

Here is the error:

Error Info
Zend_Mail_Protocol_Exception: 5.5.2 RCPT TO syntax error - library/Zend/Mail/Protocol/Abstract.php:431
Generated By: Brent, 16 minutes ago
Stack Trace
#0 /home/nginx/domains/aspiescentral.com/public/library/Zend/Mail/Protocol/Smtp.php(289): Zend_Mail_Protocol_Abstract->_expect(Array, 300)
#1 /home/nginx/domains/aspiescentral.com/public/library/Zend/Mail/Transport/Smtp.php(211): Zend_Mail_Protocol_Smtp->rcpt('johnny@infosyst...')
#2 /home/nginx/domains/aspiescentral.com/public/library/Zend/Mail/Transport/Abstract.php(348): Zend_Mail_Transport_Smtp->_sendMail()
#3 /home/nginx/domains/aspiescentral.com/public/library/Zend/Mail.php(1194): Zend_Mail_Transport_Abstract->send(Object(Zend_Mail))
#4 /home/nginx/domains/aspiescentral.com/public/library/XenForo/ControllerAdmin/User.php(1029): Zend_Mail->send(Object(Zend_Mail_Transport_Smtp))
#5 /home/nginx/domains/aspiescentral.com/public/library/XenForo/ControllerAdmin/User.php(948): XenForo_ControllerAdmin_User->_sendEmail(Array, Array, Object(Zend_Mail_Transport_Smtp))
#6 /home/nginx/domains/aspiescentral.com/public/library/XenForo/FrontController.php(347): XenForo_ControllerAdmin_User->actionEmailSend()
#7 /home/nginx/domains/aspiescentral.com/public/library/XenForo/FrontController.php(134): XenForo_FrontController->dispatch(Object(XenForo_RouteMatch))
#8 /home/nginx/domains/aspiescentral.com/public/admin.php(13): XenForo_FrontController->run()
#9 {main}
Request State
array(3) {
  ["url"] => string(55) "http://www.aspiescentral.com/admin.php?users/email-send"
  ["_GET"] => array(1) {
    ["users/email-send"] => string(0) ""
  ["_POST"] => array(11) {
    ["page"] => string(2) "43"
    ["criteria"] => string(188) "{"receive_admin_email":"1","user_state":["valid"],"is_banned":["0"],"custom_exact":{"diagnosis_status":1,"relationship_status":1,"how_did_you_find_aspies_c":1,"current_activity_status":1}}"
    ["total"] => string(4) "2986"
    ["failed"] => string(1) "0"
    ["from_name"] => string(17) "AspiesCentral.com"
    ["from_email"] => string(25) "website@aspiescentral.com"
    ["email_title"] => string(26) "Check Out Our Improvements"
    ["email_format"] => string(4) "html"
    ["email_body"] => string(1674) "<p>Hi {name},</p>

<p>We hope things have been going great for you since our last email! I wanted to send out a quick email going over some of the final changes we have made at <a href="http://www.aspiescentral.com/">AspiesCentral.com</a>.</p>

The biggest changes we have made since our switch to our new software are:
<li><b>Forum Reorganization</b>: We have spent some time moving a few forums around, merging forums together and even adding a new forum specifically for parents. We hope these changes make it easier for you to navigate our forum and find the information you are looking for.</li>
<li><b>New Chat Room</b>: Our new Chat Room is much faster and includes its own dedicated page. If you are logged in, you can view the chatroom at this url: <a href="http://www.aspiescentral.com/chat/">http://www.aspiescentral.com/chat/</a>.</li>
<li><b>New Media Page</b>: Our new media page can be found here: <a href="http://www.aspiescentral.com/media/">http://www.aspiescentral.com/media/</a> and allows you to create your own albums and upload all your favorite pictures and videos that you have.</li>
<li><b>Other Changes</b>: The move to our new software has brought many smaller changes as well. You can now easily gift V.I.P. status to any member you wish. V.I.P. status allows you access to a private forum for V.I.P. members only and it also gives you an ad free browsing experience. </li>

<p>Thanks for taking the time to join our forums and we hope the community has been helpful to you. Hope to see you on the forums soon!</p>

<p>Brent<br />
<a href="http://www.aspiescentral.com/">http://www.aspiescentral.com/</a></p>"
    ["_xfConfirm"] => string(1) "1"
    ["_xfToken"] => string(8) "********"