Insert photos from old albums


A user has created more then 70 Albums and uploaded more then 3000 photos and videos into these Albums.

He now asks if he wants to post a picture from one orbits first albums in a thread, how to do this in an easy way.
In the moment he starts a thread, clicks the camera symbol and then he has to click more then 100 times the „More“ link Togo to the old album.

He suggested to have a link „select Album“ and then chooses the Album and then sees only the pictures from this Album.
clicks the photos and next to add them to the thread.

Is that already in the queue?
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The embed is not ideal, i agree. would like to see tighter integration of the gallery and replies in a future update.

people are basically annoyed with the gallery and just use attachments now. haven't had a new gallery upload in months ...
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