Insert a user in a specified account upgrade


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Ok I've almost terminated my migration. I'm satisfied but I've a question.

In my old forum I had about 100 users in a special pay group. They have start and end date for they subscriptions. In the migration I've lost these data so the users are in a the special user group but I've lost all tracking for start and end date for their subscriptions. I've these data in an excel file though.

Problem is how can I set each user with their specific start and end subscription date. I remember in VB4 I had the possibility to add a user to a specified subscription but How can I do that using XenForo?

For me is important so that (I hope) XF will send a message to all the users when their ending period is near so that they can pay the annual fee...

Thank you very much...


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There is no option to change the end date of an upgrade in the ACP.
You would need to edit the table directly.
You can manually upgrade users though - see here:

As far as I am aware, emails aren't automatically sent when upgrades are due to, or have expired.