Input on colors


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I'm reworking a style right now for my upcoming forum loated @ iTopics
I am trying to go with something different than I have used before. Previously I used blues as I personally feel blues are great for websites.

However, I felt that for a general forum, that perhaps a warmer touch would work. Give me some input if you have any thoughts or ideas. Right now I see some colors that need changing but overall I feel it is decent. Just unsure on if it hurts the users eyes or not.


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First thought was ... COFFEE!!!! :ROFLMAO:

However, you seem to have a reasonable mix of colours that give a good contrast so it's not unpleasant on the eye and I didn't find it a strain, although you might want to add some more threads/content, possibly with some attachments etc., so we can see a fuller picture of what the theme looks like in general terms.

Not sure about the darker background at the top, but then that's because I'm used to the lighter blue of the default XF install.

Yup, looking good.

Shaun :D