XF 2.2 Input in forms


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I can define a numberbox with min, max, step;
but, can I

limit the input to digits during the typing?
limit to 5 digits during typing
limit site of the box to 5 chars/digits, without using px?
is there anything like two boxes from value1 to value2?

I wish to have a box where i could only write digits, and cannot write more than 5 digits.

While people anyway will not use the [+|-],
can I tell the numberbox not to show it?

or using a textbox instead?


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Set the max input value to 99999?

It won't stop anyone entering a higher value but it will error when they try to save.


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I don't use custom fields.
But I would like to handle own form fields for $item.field like i can do it with customfields.