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Innovate the moderation queue

Discussion in 'XenForo Suggestions' started by sonnb, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. sonnb

    sonnb Well-Known Member

    Moderation queue is here for long time with very basic functions. There is a suggestion here regarding "Select all" button: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/select-all-button-on-moderated-users-admin-page.85510/, but that is not the really thing we need.

    Current moderation queue is suitable for few items only, it is nightmare if you have hundreds of items and it is become useless if you have thousands of items as you can see in this screenshot:


    I have around 13k users in moderation. Click on this link is a nightmare, you must wait for seconds. The same for other queues.

    It is not only pagination and select all button but also something more effective. I believe XF dev team is looking into this in 2.0.
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  2. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    That's not true though. It only shows you 30 at a time. The content moderation queue is similar, though it has some other challenges due to permissions.

    Similarly speaking, if you have 13,000, you're not going to go through them all by hand but that's what the page is for. If you have a huge user queue that you can't tackle by hand and you just want to take action against all of them (which with that amount is almost certainly deleting), use the bulk user management tools.

    Similarly, the lack of a select all button is designed to prevent mistakes (especially as a delete action isn't recoverable).
  3. sonnb

    sonnb Well-Known Member

    You are right (corrected), it only shows 30 but it takes more than 10 seconds to load these 30 records. And also XF does not tell us that we have more so it should do?

    I believe overlay button will work, handle item one by one, one done, another loaded. It is quite boring to select one by one and scroll down click process. Especially we have spamming prevent system in XF, there are lot of spammers in the queue.
  4. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Well-Known Member

    Big boards will always have large numbers in queue. We moderate thousands of new users per month and often have hundreds in the queue. You are right that you are not able to go trough then by hand, but that's because its basically impossible to do on xenforo. The xenforo moderation queue in its current state is unfortunately not usable for this. It really scares me and my staff to migrate to XF and having to moderate users and content this way. We will need to find some solution.

    Its not just the way the page is setup, but also the absence of display options and slow loading of the functionality. The change to 30 entries at a time seems more of a patch than a solution. The waiting time is still the same, but instead of having to wait really long, its now spread out to 10 seconds for every page load.

    The lack of display options makes it so that moderators need to click on all users to check their account before they can approve. As you will understand this makes it a daunting task.

    On new user moderation we currently check:
    • account name
    • website (visible on hover)
    • 4 custom profile fields (visible on hover)
    • email address
    • approve or disapprove email domain
    • Google search of email domain if not whitelisted or blacklisted
    • IP (only resolve when clicked)
    • Indication for duplicate accounts and link to detection.
    • we use both canned responses as custom reason (dropdown select)
    • we do not only ignore, approve or deny, but also give new users the opportunity to fix their account so it can be approved. (radio button)
    We have all this information on one row per entry. Hundreds of entries load fairly quickly. Asides from the occasional Google search and the occasional duplicate account review, there is no need to go to another page. This way we can moderate large numbers of users or content quickly. It works really well for us and we have refined the functionality over the years. All is built on outdated vb functionality, so I am sure that XF can do much better now.

    It would be really good if the moderation queue would be overhauled so that it becomes possible to moderate large numbers quickly.
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  5. Xon

    Xon Well-Known Member

    The user approval queue, content moderation queue and reporting system really need to be merged. Especially the ability to assign who is working on a queue item is important, and to have a central place to place discussion and notes for why a moderator is doing something.

    I would also love for the reporting functionality to actually be able to invoke the in-line moderation tools for the content being reported.
  6. martni

    martni Member

    i need pagination on moderation queue page
    is it possible?
  7. Tim Jay

    Tim Jay Active Member

    Bumping this. It would be great if XF core could show a little more information in the moderation queue.

    Just some ideas:
    show what subforum the thread is under (ModQueueForum)
    show more user information such as join date & posts (Moderation Queue Information by Waindigo)
    next button to navigate the next 30 threads in queue
    maybe ability to send queued threads into 1 forum

    I have a fairly large forum and it gets really backed up with threads in the moderation queue. Mods get tired of having to look at every user profile and clicking on the thread to see where its posted to finally determine the outcome. It would be nice to see all of this and help make a quicker decision.

    I did find a few addons that I'll be trying out but it'd be nice if one day some of this was in the core.

    Moderating is really rough on my forum due to a mix of so many international users and a lack of enthusiasm from moderators. They are excited at first but they quickly lose hope when they see how often the chores start to stack up. I'm trying to make things easier for my mods and maybe setting up a special usergroup (User Moderation Queue on Front End by Waindigo) that can access the mod queue and help the real mods out with that portion.

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