Not a bug Inline moderation phrases do not use phrase groups


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There are various inline_moderation_* phrases which are loaded when inline mod tools are used. None of these appear to use phrase groups, and this is the sort of thing they are designed for.
There aren't that many of the phrases you refer to and they aren't actually used in a way where a phrase group would be useful. They aren't the phrases that are used in the code.

I presume you have actually noticed it triggering queries to load individual phrases when looking at the moderation actions (delete_posts, merge_posts, etc). That's actually a separate bug -- in this instance, it relates to phrases not being preloaded correctly if they contain "..." in the name (or some of our other phrase modifiers). I am investigating that now.

However generally speaking, for rarely hit pages, we're not overly concerned if there are a few phrase hits. The benefit of making major changes to avoid that is likely to be heavily outweighed by the development time it takes.
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