What Spam Phrases do you use?


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Just recently came upon this options and wondered why haven't I used it form the when I first installed 1.2; its sounds great!

Not sure what are some good phrases to start with or even the the proper formatting of the regular expressions that can be used.

I was thinking of starting with something like this since 99.9% spam post contains some form of a url link:


What do you use? Is there a better way to catch all URL types with just one general phrase?


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Your right, I just ran into one with someone posting an image from an image hosting service on the 4th post. Hhhm, wonder if I could use regex to somehow exclude the 2-3 major image hosting providers..

Got a real one this time doing some kitchen spam. So far its 1:1 :)

BTW, if anyone needs to remodel kitchen I think I have a few good links for you!
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Honestly, this feature is a last resort, not a first line defense, and as you deal with spam, add the links they post. For instance, I used to get A LOT of spam for aiseesoft products, so I added that term to my spam word list.