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I would share with you our config of Xenforo, based on a vBulletin 4.x import in 2015.

So, this is the Forum Home

As you can see is a huge UI.X modified version, lot of edits are in the EXTRA.css (you can download it from Console).
In Forum Home we used a sprite custom icons and used UI.X options to add class and manage better positions of each icon.
The sub-forums are using font-awesome as default UI.X.
In the top you can see Popular Tags, which are generated through a combination of TagEss + XenTag, while in the bottom left you can see a "Luminous Trigger" who set a global opacity from 0.7 to 1.0 for auto-set lightning.

Now go in to a forum:

As you can see the header was changed by a custom library called "Luminous Engine" who detects the Title forum and load a custom graphic. We have at least 50 custom graphics for each forum with their menu (in top right) and some custom links.
You can see also a special widget for take all threads based on a forum, thanks to Widget Framework.

This board generate at least 600k/m visits and this is possible thanks to [bd]Cache + memcached engine (soon with Redus).

Now go in to posts:

Is pretty similar to UI.X, there are some little changes like subtitle with Extra Throphies by ******* and medals who says which level user got.
Signatures are collapsed with a low opacity that goes high with mouse over effect in CSS3 (opacity 0.6 -> 1 with transitions options).

That's all, feel free to write if you have some question about design and plugins choosing.
Best regards,

Max Fridman


Im here to update this topic with a our new design for 2019, we did a little bit of changes during Q1 2020 in Q4 2020 we plan a minor revamp of this style.

Forum Home


Based on UI.X we customized the forum home, we removed the font awesome icons from sub-forums.



We abandoned the concept of "designs" for specific forum categories because it wasn't flexible enough and sostainable enough for future updates. We redesigned the forum view from the ground up removing the clutter and organizing the elements better.



The postbits changed too with the redesign, we changed how we display user levels (they have even a border under their avatars) and we now show more Trophies and stats about our users. We are planning more fine tuning in our future revision of this theme.

Parting Words

As you can see our community changes a lot with the years, we like to experiment and try to please our users (and visitors) with cleanest graphics like modern social networks do nowadays.

Let us know what you think about our forum and if you have some questions im here to answer to them, we are gathering feedbacks for the theme revision that will be released in Q4 of 2020 if everything goes as planned! :)