Index & forum pages does not finish loading


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I have a problem in one of my boards, when I load the index page or a forum, the page keeps loading infinitely, the content is shown but the favicon keeps moving. In thread pages this problem does not occur.

It's really annoying. I'm using Firefox 5 in Ubuntu. I have disabled all addons but the problem persists, I'm running XenForo 1.0.2

If you want the URL I send it to you in a message since the site is for adult audience.


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Do you have any additional scripts running on the page, for ad's for example?

This doesn't happen with default builds so it must be something you have added.


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I have not added any script, reverted PAGE_CONTAINER, forum_list, page_container_js_head and the problem persists.

With all addons disabled the problem is still there.


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I have restarted and the problem has been solved, there was an issue with my browser.