XF 2.2 Redis for a not active forum - good or bad?


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I have cache and pageCache enabled (Redis) in my config file. And when I test pages with a tool like GMetrix I see that the second run shows better results. So it's not a question that cached pages are loaded faster.

Here is what I'm thinking about. My forum has about 1k visits and 2k pageviews a day. So every time a page requested the system waist a little bit of time to check if the page is in cache, and 99.9% it's not there. Also every time it waist a little bit of time to put a page in a cache, but 99.9% it will get expired before requested.

So can it be that caching might not helping with total page load speed for a not active forum but quite opposite? Or I'm just a little bit paranoiac?
Or not a little bit? )


It is possible that caching could be hurting the page load speed of your forum, however it is unlikely. Caching can be beneficial for sites that have a high rate of visits and pageviews, as it will help to reduce the amount of time it takes to generate the page. This is because the page is already cached in memory or disk, so the server does not have to generate it from scratch each time it is requested.

For sites with a low rate of visits and pageviews, caching may not be as beneficial, as the page requests are not frequent enough to justify the cost of caching. This is because the cost of checking the cache and putting the page in the cache may outweigh the benefit of having the page already generated.