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XF 1.4 Index by Google - not the whole page?


Formerly mugtree
Our forum is private. You have to be a member to login and read anything.

At the moment google indexes about 12 pages, eg homepage, terms an conditions, FAQs page etc. All the pages that anyone can read.

Can i open it up so google indexed all pages, but still be behind a login wall? So can you feed google just the meta title and a description that maybe takes the first 160 characters from the OP? Might this be enough for it to get indexed, then a user clicks on it and they then have to join the forum.

Or is this a bit sneaky and google just won't index it as it's not great for the user as there is no content on the actual page, unless they join the forum.


Formerly mugtree
Our forum isn't noindex, google just doesn't index it because it's behind a login wall. That's fine right? Not cloaking, as we are showing both the user and google the same page.