XF 1.2 increase post like count

Hi Amaury... sure... as admin, I'd like to be able to set the like count on the first post in a new thread to 10 so that it immediately moves to the top of the popular threads list I use.

Hi Jeremy... can you point me to the a point in the code where I might begin to poke around. I really just want to create a special instance of "like" that bumps the count by +5. Or, change the code so that admin are allowed to "like" multiple times (this one fix would really handle all my needs).

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Likes are always associated with a member.
How are you going to determine which members to use to artificially increase the like count?
Hi Brogan... just me would be fine... all admins would be better. I don't need to even permanently increase the count. I was thinking I might just create a special post rating (using the Post Ratings addon) and then if a post has that rating I would add to it's rating count when generating my list of "most liked" posts.


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Well just using your ID would only increase the count by 1, which presumably isn't going to achieve what you want.
Realistically there's no easy way to spoof this.
It may be simpler just to create 20 or so dummy accounts and use those to like the posts.