Browser issue  Incorrect threadbit display


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Not sure what to call this. See screenshot. Periodically happens. Been happening for a while, but finally got a screenshot of it. Always seems to occur in one threadbit on forumdisplay. Can be any one threadbit, not necessarily near top. Might be in middle or near bottom. Refresh usually clears it. If no refresh, and paging through forumdisplay, it can stick across pages in same general page location. While incomplete/incorrect page loads can happen, it seems to occur noticeably more on this site than elsewhere. Noticeably more means it can be several times a day, whereas once in a blue moon elsewhere, so making a report. FF 3.5.16. Yeah, one of these days to FF 3.6. Sorry if it is a dupe.



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This is a Firefox bug of some sort. We've done everything we can to prevent it, but it just randomly happens. I believe it still happens in 3.6, though it may not in 4.0.