Fixed Inconsistent phrases


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In the admin side, under Home > Options >Performance:

Minimum Time Between Messages (Seconds)

followed by

Minimum Time Between Lost Password Requests (seconds)

Not really a bug, but I it would look a bit better to have things consistent.



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Well I guess this comes under phrases also. Another one to me is this, in the Help Manual it tells you to use this for a fixed width style:

How do I create a fixed width style?

In the ACP -> Styles -> Style Properties -> General: Page Width Controller, enter the following settings in the Miscellaneous field:
width: 992px;
margin: 0 auto;
But in software under Page Width Controller settings, it's different missing the: 0 auto. Would have though that's the correct way really, and not using just "margin: auto;" People will read that given example in ACP for fixed width and use it also, not to mention read the Help Manual way and feel confused which is correct method? so think it needs to be corrected.