Fixed Inconsistent image attachment opening

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Mr Lucky

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Most of the time thumbnails or images that are resized open in an overlay. However sometimes they open in a new browser window:


compared with his

Or is it a browser issue?
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Mr Lucky

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It doesn't seem to be the full size image. The one in the post is 443 x 300

It links to the image in the new window which is full size, ie 1080 x 732

Mr Lucky

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Yes but if I insert that image as a thumbnail, it opens as a slide, not in a new browser window. This is why I am confused:

This is what I would expect, as in my test:

It opens like this :

Not in a new browser window.

The image in the thread by @beerForo opens like this:

I inserted the thumb in the post when you click it is full.

AS with my test post but they work differently. One is new browser window, the other is lightbox slide
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This is fixed now. (It had to do with the first post being a pinned post and therefore treated differently.)