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Fixed  include_path @ autoloader



Why do you overwrite the includepath from php?
I had big problems including some extern libraries into my xenforo application, until i saw, that the xenforo autoloader resets all the settings:D

Autoloader.php @ line 70
set_include_path($this->_rootDir . PATH_SEPARATOR . '.');
Wouldn't it be better to have:
$incPaths = array();
        $incPaths[] = $this->_rootDir . PATH_SEPARATOR . '.';
        $incPaths[] = get_include_path();
	set_include_path(implode($incPaths, PATH_SEPARATOR));


XenForo developer
Staff member
Including the existing include path is indeed a bit easier. Though on a side note, relying on the include path is usually not that fast. Generally speaking, avoiding it is probably a good thing, though I do see times where it's more convenient to use it.