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XF 2.0 Calling Laravel's autoloader or classes from Xenforo

I'm trying to integrate a Laravel app with Xenforo. (Topic 1, Topic 2).
I'd like to call some of Laravel's function from Xenforos controllers.

For example: Logging out:
class Logout extends AbstractController
    public function actionIndex()
        $this->assertValidCsrfToken($this->filter('t', 'str'));

        /** @var \XF\ControllerPlugin\Login $loginPlugin */
        $loginPlugin = $this->plugin('XF:Login');
        Auth::logout(); // LARAVEL CODE

        return $this->redirect($this->buildLink('index'));

How can I call Laravel' code from Xenforos controller?
Xenforo has some kind of callback functionality, which could allow me to call a function after the user logout? I'd like to keep Xenforo's files unchanged as much as I can...