Lack of interest Include update version in the on the updates overview page and on the dedicated page for that update

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At the moment you only see a descriptive text title for each update, with no way to see at a glance what version the update refers to.

Once you open up the dedicated page for that update you still can't see what version the update refers to.

They only way to match it up is to head to the versions tab and then compare dates.

This isn't ideal, it would be good to be able to see the version number for the update on the update overview tab page, and once you open the dedicated page for each update.


Current update overview page:


Suggested (note version numbers next to title of each update):

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This is particularly useful if you've missed a lot of updates and need to read through all the ones that you've missed, from your out of date current version number, to the latest release.
Additionally, it would be good to have the update version numbers on the Version History tab linked to the corresponding update page. Otherwise you have to note the date, return to the update tab, find the update corresponding to that date and then open it if you're looking for the release notes for a specific update.

Updates and version releases are separate. There is a potential connection, but they are independent of one another and you can do either one without the other. In an additional example, the update text may be emailed out to people so there needs to be the context in that.

In my opinion, authors should be titling their updates to indicate if they refer to a specific release.
Ahh right, okay, I didn't realise.

Yep, that would be helpful if they did. Unless there was an optional checkbox perhaps to include the current version number when publishing an update. I haven't created or updated a resource in a long time.
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