Not planned In XF 2.x, ignore xenforo-logo.png from the file health check


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Lots of people run a stock XenForo 2.x style, and only change the xenforo-logo.png file in styles/default/xenforo/

If this is done, the file health check always reports that the PNG file contains unexpected contents.

Maybe all PNG files should be excluded from the file health check?


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The recommended approach is to upload your own image and update the path in the logo url property.
While this isn't at all difficult to do and I'm not personally going to lose any sleep over it, I did think it a little odd to include the file in the health check.

Chris D

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The advice regarding default shipped images has never changed - change the path to the images using the tools provided and upload your own copy.

There are other benefits to this, including not having to re-upload your own logo after each upgrade.

In fact, making the file healthcheck include this file now has the benefit of making it clearer that it shouldn’t be replaced, preventing people falling foul of the issue of losing their custom logo on upgrade.