Not a bug Why is filecheck checking logo.png file?


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I am getting errors and e-mails from the health file check stating xenforo-logo.png is wrong because it's not the default xenforo-logo.png

Shouldn't it be logical the logo file will always be changed?

Is there a way to ignore this file?...or is it prudent to used a renamed logo.png elsewhere.
The recommended action is not to edit the original file (or remove it), but to use style properties to point to a logo file you've uploaded instead, so that is why you may be seeing that.
The upgrade archive contains xenforo-logo.png so if you have replaced that with your own, every time you upgrade it will be overwritten.

It was even renamed in XF2 to xenforo-logo.png to make it clear that it's the XF logo.

The recommendation since XF1 has always been to use the style property to point at your own logo image file, rather than replace the default one.
ah, i uploaded a renamed logo n pointed to that and returned the xenforo-logo.png to normal, filecheck is all good now.
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