Duplicate In RSS export, email address is always invalid@example.com


I'm currently using this RSS feed as part of a static website that I am building. I noticed in the email column, the email address is currently invalid@example.com, whereas my (el canadiano) email is supposed to be scribbleseq [at] gmail [dot] com and Seattle RockBand Group's is supposed to be rbf [at] seattlerockband [dot] com. I was wondering why this was.

I noticed the issue exists here as well.

Understood. I apologize for the duplicate post.

What if it was possible to use the administrator or contact email address instead? Perhaps this might be something for @Mike or someone similar.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
We wouldn't ever publish email addresses. The only reason we show one at all is so that the RSS validates properly against the RSS spec.

To change this would require code changes.