Add-on [In Progress] Prediction Contest with Hall of Fame


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This would be similar to Bob's Pickem addon, but instead of teams, it would be based on individuals and teams in four different categories. I've asked Bob, but he's super busy!

Here is a link to a past competition

Here is a corresponding thread where posters put their picks

When the competition is over, users are given scores based on the how their picks placed in order to form an overall combined score:

Each correct guess is worth 15 points.
Each guess that is one placement off is worth 10 points.
Each guess that is two placements off is worth 5 points.

Behind the scenes, we scramble for volunteer scorers who work on a google excel sheet and score the picks one-by-one. Very time consuming and too much room for human error.

1-3 place winners would be put in "Hall of Fame". Admins manually give out the awards/trophies.

Open for suggestions by PM, email, and phone. Need as soon as possible to test for upcoming World championships in Mar.
We are very interested to complete this project and started a private conversation to discuss further!
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