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In need of a reliable, affordable host.

I've been using a host that was passed on by word of mouth and I keep finding it dropping, maybe for a couple of minutes to hours every so often JUST by the time I'm thinking it's fine. Frankly, I'm getting tired of being concerned if my site is down or not when I'm not around to let people know what's happening.

I'm fairly new to this admin / site running so go easy on me!

I think the traffic is fairly high, we have a lot of members and it's expanding quite often. I did look at HostGator but I didn't like that it seemed to charge for addon hosting and it wasn't clear if the price for those addons were monthly or yearly since it didn't change when I selected a different payment method (1 / 6 months etc).

I was hoping to find a host I could depend on and contact when I need to. I'd appreciate any information on hosts someone else has used. :) Thanks for reading!